by Alyssa Hardy

*this review is a Work In Progress, the notes below are structured as an outline for me to work with.*
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I picked up this book because of my ongoing obsession with textile arts, and my more recent excitement for DIY clothes and visible mending. I had hoped that this book would bring me some supplemental knowledge, or at the very least, teach me a bit more about the process of modern manufacturing and where it all went wrong....

It did not.

--assumption of fashion as lifeblood for all of society, writing book for specific type of ppl but assuming the world is all that people. insular & foreign to me but presented as if i should know

--interspaced w majority of text going over sweatshop labor, fast fashion crimes, etc - while positing some banal internet warrior soluitions

quote from book

While I wanted to enjoy this book, the whole text felt so incredibly shallow- not so much in the understanding of the problems that face fashion, but rather in the way that Hardy addresses the issues as a whole. I honestly found it baffling how someone could look at such issues and come away from the research still so profoundly missing the point. --labor rights vs consumerist mindset, identify labor as key struggle (triangle shirtwaist fire) but never once looking at labor-based solutions. crimes against workers = solutions for model sexual harrassment

quote from book

--didnt finish, read to 3/4th thru until first statement adressing solutions should be what workers need as requested by workers, but conclusion only adressed via interview with another woman & not elaborated on whatsoever. book feels startlingly upper class, while masqerading as struggling intern via anecdotes from early early days of authors careeer. book feels like authors justification for time in industry to herself & i wish she didnt drag the rest of us into that reckoning in the process

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