>Out to sea

Cool seaspray butts against each feather like a breath as you cruise farther from the safe promise of land. It's an easy flight. Daytime winds are giving way to their nighttime sisters, and the swirling updrafts give you plenty of oppertunities to coast.

One such updraft, built against the cliffs and stronger than the others, is the perfect ride up. You sharpen your form like an arrow and bank into the curve of the wind, each feather reading the tempature shift like the face of an old friend. It's lazy spiral gives the perfect opportunity to take in the ocean below.

Tonight is a low tide, and the bases of the cliffs are hugged by an ephemeral beach. The waves that lap at its calm shores are inky blue in the low light, seldom capped with a glittering crown of foam. Farther out to sea are the stone pillars that have eroded away from the greater landmass. The waves that strike there are harder, coming in from deeper water, and they shoot a halo of mist into the air, as well as the deep-sea scents of strange fish and kelps. As usual this time of year, the tops of the pillars are covered in masses of seabirds, their collective screams still loud in the coming dark.

As you soar closer overhead, their squawks are louder- they know all too well the dangers of an airborne predator circling... but maybe they haven't seen you yet.

Get closer?

Harassing the seabirds is a beloved summer passtime for you, but there is only so much of it you can stomach at once. It is a beautiful night, and there's plenty more to see.

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