>Stretch your wings

The sound of crashing waves beckons from past the tree, and a quick taste of the air tells you that tonight is perfect.

One wing beat lifts your foreclaws from the earth, before a short jump carries you closer to the cliffside. With wings half-opened, it's easy to feel the air currents push softly against you from below, a promise to peel you up from the confines of gravity.

Just a bit further.

Past your tree, closer to the edge of the fields, the sound of crashing waves is louder. You know from experience how sharply the cliffside drops away, and your heart pounds as you gallop closer. Dried grass crunch beneath each pounding footfall, but it's the whisper of cold air that tells you- now.

You don't look down as one last, heavy jump carries you farther than the land awaits to catch you, and you snap open your wings with tendons like steel rods. You are unshackled from the earth, leaning into the pressure of the wind for one exquisite moment before slipping through the currents and shooting forward.